After-School Program

All CSW students from Kindergarten through 4th grade are invited to participate in the After-School Program (accomodations will be made for older siblings). Families may choose to utilize the program on an as-needed (drop-in) or regularly scheduled (subscription) basis. The After-School Program will only be offered on full school days when school is in session until 3:00 p.m. The subscription or drop-in charges will be charged and paid through FACTS once a month. If you need to contact someone regarding your plans for a student to attend, drop-in, or be absent for the day, please contact Rachel Branam, After-School Program Coordinator, at (316) 640-9668 (call or text welcome).  

Costs are as follows:

Registration Fee:  $25 per child/per year (due at the time of registration)

Monthly Subscription:  2019-2020 prices listed in the chart below account for holidays and days school is not in session. 

Monthly Subscriptions 1st Child* 2nd Child 3rd Child
1 Day/Week $50 $35 $20
2 Days/Week $100 $60 $30
3 Days/Week $150 $110 $40
4-5 Days/Week $200 $150 $50

*If children are attending a different number of days per week, child attending the most days is child #1, child attending second most days is child #2, etc.

Single day Drop-in price if registered: $15 per day/per student (no multi-student discount)

Single day Drop-In price if not registered:  $20 per day/per student (no multi-student discount)

The After-School Program price includes: care from qualified, paid employees, snacks, and structured play/recess time, and study/quiet time. The After-School Program is intended to be a fun and relaxed extension of the CSW school day, however, uniforms and any disciplinary marks will continue through the After-School Program to the end of the day. All student care information will be obtained from FACTS; please make sure student information concerning medication and allergies, along with approved transportation, is up-to-date in FACTS.