Kindergarten Preparation

We are pleased that you are considering applying to the Classical School of Wichita. We are often asked what skills are neccesary for a student to possess in order to be ready for kindergarten.

The following is a list of activities that will help your child be ready for success in our kindergarten screening process. As you incorporate these activities in your child’s daily routine, please remember, it should feel like play—not work! The preschool years are a wonderful time of learning and exploration—we want you to enjoy this time without feeling stressed by kindergarten preparation.

Fine Motor Development

• Practice writing. At CSW we teach D’Nealian handwriting. This is a fun way to help students learn to write their names with the first letter capitalized and the rest lower case. (
• Play with playdough or use tweezers to pick things up.
• Build with blocks or Legos.
• Use scissors. Draw different lines for your child to cut along or basic shapes to practice cutting out.
• Spend time drawing and coloring. Draw a shape and have your child try to copy yours.

Early Math skills

• Name basic shapes and colors.
• Practice sorting by shape, color or size.
• Play with patterns as games.
• Practice verbally counting as high as possible.
• Practice counting objects like coins in a coin jar or red cars as you drive.
• Practice recognizing numerals or putting numbered cards (1-12) in order.
• Place a line of pennies on a table and practice having your child line up the same amount of pennies in a line next to yours.
• Play fun games to understand concepts like longer, shorter, under, over, beside, in front of, and behind.

Phonics skills

• Work on naming both upper case and lower case letters. Have fun finding certain letters as you read aloud before bed.
• Practice the sounds that letters make.

Social skills

• Encourage sharing by getting involved in group interaction in various environments like play dates and story time at the library.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Julie Kice, director of admissions, at or (316) 773-9279.

PDF: Kindergarten Preparation