Head Coach: Tatum Walden,

Mrs. Tatum Walden is entering her third year at CSW as the Cross-Country Coach. Prior to joining the CSW staff she ran for Newman University four years and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts.

Mrs. Walden has participated in Cross-Country since 7th Grade and continued through college. She has medaled twice at KSHS Meets. She holds records at Mulvane Middle School, Mulvane High School and Newman University. She has run three full marathons including the San Francisco and Nike Women’s Marathon; the second of which she completed while 8 ½ months pregnant. She looks forward to more marathon opportunities in the future.

Mrs. Walden met her husband, Derek, in high school and they have been together ever since. They have been married for 10 years. The couple have four children— Hailey, a 4th grader at CSW, Hayden, Isabella and Olivia. They look forward to growing their family more as the Lord wills.

When she is not coaching, Mrs. Walden enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Additionally, she enjoys running, refurbishing furniture, crafting, sewing, cooking and helping others. Furthermore, Mrs. Walden has a passion for teaching young athletes that cross-country is more than just running – it’s a sport where everyone can feel like family who encourage and push one another to be the best athlete God has made them to be.