A Child’s Place In Creation

I am rarely surprised at the unraveling of the government education system, but a recent article caught my attention. A public school district in Nebraska has decided teachers should resist referring to boys and girls as “boys” and “girls”. The school district’s loosely stitched together theory supposes that boys and girls should not be coached in the areas of self identification. This is a train wreck on many levels, but I will try to keep my focus on the educational components.

Education is not coaching, it is instruction in truth. Education is the instilling of virtue and growth in wisdom. We cannot expect students to understand and grow in truth if they cannot properly identify and order
gender. Education, of any kind, is enculturation. It is the forming of an individual created in the image of the Creator, an individual instilled with unique purpose and passions. Neutralizing the identity of the
created in essence denies the Creator. Progressive experiments in gender studies should not be tested in the classroom.!

The classical Christian pedagogy utilized at CSW insists on acknowledging the Creator and the place He has established for the created. It affirms a child’s place in creation, as valuable to the Creator, and seeks to educate that child in the light of the Gospel. This is a core educational philosophy and is implemented in every classroom at CSW. It is why we diligently strive to partner with like- minded families that understand that the education of our children is a God-given responsibility not to be taken lightly.

~M. Wade Ortego