CSW Commencement

CSW friends and families,

What a remarkable year it has been at CSW!! The Lord has been gracious to us this year, and we have seen many amazing opportunities for our school and our students.  Watching the students arrive in early August and having only an inkling of what awaits them is exhilarating.  As they exited the building on Wednesday I was amazed at how they had transformed over the course of the year.  God is most certainly good and His goodness is evident in the student body of CSW.  The students have persevered through difficult and defining lessons. Their effort and hard work are to be commended.

Throughout the year our school community has had the opportunity to participate in many events and activities. The all-school banquet, choral performances, theatre arts awards, fine arts festivals, student recitations, amazing field trips, along with the new faces and families made for many wonderful memories.  Field Day has become one of my favorite events of the entire year.  Watching upper school students provide leadership and camaraderie to the younger students makes me appreciate the energy and effort our families put into leading and guiding their children. All of these continue to reaffirm my commitment to K-12th grade classical Christian educational communities.

A key benefit of being a part of CSW is the exposure to the amazing and gifted individuals who make up our community.  From faculty members to students’ siblings we have a marvelous collection of individuals devoted to the holistic development of our students. Pastor Hoger’s commencement address was one of the best, practical explanations of what we desire to provide for CSW students that I have heard the entire year.  Please take the time to read it. I believe you will find it very encouraging. And while speaking of encouraging, you would do yourself a favor to read Ellie Carp’s valedictorian address as well.

As we begin to put the finishing touches on this school year, it is hard not to get excited about what possibilities next year will bring.  God has been so gracious to the CSW community and there is no adequate way to express thanks for all He has done for and through our families and students this year.  We are grateful to be a part of this work.

It has been our pleasure serving your families this year. We pray you have a relaxing summer with family and friends.

Soli Deo Gloria,

M. Wade Ortego

for the CSW administration