CSW—Growing Together

As Classical School of Wichita continues to grow and develop, it is exciting to see how Christ continues to bless our school. Facilities, faculty, generous donors, and an increased student body are among some of the chief blessings.  Another significant blessing CSW has received is our current families and students. 

In addition to being a tremendous blessing to CSW, our families and students also most effectively communicate the vision and mission of CSW to their friends, neighbors, churches, and others.  We seldom interview a family that has not been referred to us through a current CSW family.  I appreciate that and want to encourage you to continue sharing your experiences at CSW with friends and other family members.   We desire that our school would grow wisely and this is our most practical and effective method of growth. Thank you for sharing CSW with those in your sphere of influence!   

With that in mind, I believe it is important to also let you know what the long term vision and goals are for our educational community at CSW.  

Classical School of Wichita desires to partner with Christian families to provide students a classical Christian education that honors Christ and prepares students for the vocation to which Christ would call them. 

We believe CSW’s educational pedagogy and philosophies can best serve a student body of approximately 350 students K-12. CSW currently has an enrollment of 223. 

CSW desires the integration of subjects and students.  We relish the fact that Kindergarten through 12th grade students spend time with and amongst one another. 

Our pedagogy includes the understanding that who is teaching our students is as important as what is being taught. Teachers have a work ethic that appreciates and finds joys in challenges and taking the road less traveled. Students who can grasp that hard work is its own reward are to be sought and equipped.  

Success is measured by students who continue throughout their life to passionately seek truth, wisdom and beauty while pursuing Christ and His calling. 

Classical School of Wichita is blessed with a wonderful community and I am grateful that you are here. As opportunities arise, please continue to share how CSW has benefited your family with your friends and other family members who would value what CSW offers. 

Soli Deo Gloria,

M. Wade Ortego