CSW families and friends,

What a wonderful time of the year! In spite of the completely random weather patterns in Wichita, I still find spring a welcome surprise.  Spring quietly crept up on me, until the other day when I realized the trees are filled with color and the grass is filling with a brilliant shade of green.  I know that I shouldn’t take the change for granted; I’ve lived in places where seasons don’t exist and a calendar is the only way to mark their coming and going.   I’m grateful to be in a place that environmentally experiences spring and therefore, punctuates the Easter celebration with more than local marketing campaigns from grocery stores and candy manufacturers.

Easter highlights the primary connection between our students and educational community, the proclamation of Christ as Savior and King. Although we are joined together in the effort of educating our children, it is the central identity as Christians that allows us to acknowledge that Christ must be Lord of all if we are to understand the world correctly. Without this understanding, all the education in the world would not assist us in grasping the Truth of the Gospel.  Easter, ushered in by the blooms and fragrances of spring, allows us opportunity to pause and reset our priorities, following with all our hearts and minds the One who gave his Son for our sins.

I pray that this Easter weekend will give us all the opportunity to recommit our hearts and our families to our Heavenly Father and then apply His callings and commands to the other areas of our lives.

Grace and Peace to you and your families,

M. Wade Ortego