Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful time at Forensics Night last night!  We were able to see (and hear) a repeat of the Logic students’ Shakespeare in the Garden performances. Several Rhetoric students provided us with presentations that sparked some good-natured debates. All the while Logic students told us stories of care and caution they have penned this semester. The students did a remarkable job with all of their essays, oratories, and dramas.

Observing our students practicing these skills, accepting imposing challenges, and stretching themselves into new areas is refreshing and heartwarming, especially when I am continually exposed to the shenanigans at many higher education institutions in our nation. Oratories, recitations, compositions, declamations, and dramas are some of the most engaging components of the Logic and Rhetoric stage for me.  They slowly start forming these in the Grammar stage through recitation and rehearsal. Throughout the years we get to watch these skills blossom and bloom. These are just tools, Aristotle would call them “simple” but when partnered with biblical wisdom and applied in a winsome way these “simple” tools have the ability to open doors, change hearts, and alter culture.

Classical School of Wichita has numerous blessings to be thankful for, not the least of which is our families, our faculty, and our students.  Parents, thank you for sharing your children with us during these formative and exciting years of their education.  Faculty, thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with our community and students. Students, thank you for your energy, passion, and commitment to excellence.

Wishing you all a very joyful Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends,

Wade Ortego for the CSW Administrative Team.