New House Purchase

I certainly understand that to discuss a holiday before it’s appointed time is risking the derision of many in our community. And while I do not wish to deprive anyone of the delayed gratification that comes from the anticipation of the next family gathering, I think it is appropriate at this time to discuss Thanksgiving and all for which CSW has to be thankful.

Classical School of Wichita continues to be blessed. We have had the opportunity to add more families and more faculty this school year. It is amazing to think of how the CSW community has expanded in the recent years and the effects of that are evident in our halls and our parking lot. The students and faculty have done an incredible job of using every available space throughout the years. Their diligence in accommodating one another in issues of space and storage make this announcement even more exciting for me.

In order to better serve our students and assist with the wonderful issue of overcrowding, CSW has purchased the home located at 6432 E. Willowbrook, the brick home on the corner of Woodlawn and Willowbrook. This home has a floor plan that will allow us to accommodate three upper school classes at a time and space for study halls.  We are hoping to have the renovations performed between the start of Thanksgiving break and the start of second semester.  I believe this timeline allows us the opportunity to add the necessary safety items, as well as updating the aesthetics so as to make it an inviting educational environment for our 8th -12th graders.

This may be a little early on for the Thanksgiving holiday perhaps,  but never too soon to be grateful for how the Lord continues to provide for CSW.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Wade Ortego for the CSW leadership.