News From The Board

It is with mixed emotions that the CSW Board of Directors announces the resignation of Board member Chad Edwards. Chad’s leadership role with his employer, YoungLife, has continued to expand, as have his influence,
responsibilities, and travel. For this we are thankful, as Chad’s talents are being further leveraged to positively impact the Kingdom. However, because of the overall demand upon his time, Chad believes he will not be able to give adequate time to serve full-time on the CSW Board.

The CSW Board, on which Chad has served faithfully as a member since 2010, will greatly miss his active involvement. Chad’s leadership, insight and significant contributions these past four years cannot be easily summarized.

Thankfully, Chad has offered to make himself available to the CSW Board, as desired, by providing continuing counsel.

When you see Chad in the halls of CSW, as he continues to be actively involved as a parent of Jake (8th grade), Avery (7th grade) and Wes (4th grade), please join in thanking Chad for his service, which has positively impacted both the past and future of CSW to the benefit of all CSW families.