Spring Break Note

What a wonderful launch into Spring Break!!  We have had a busy few weeks at CSW and it has been inspiring to watch the students perform and excel in all the different activities.  Bear with me as I brag a bit.

Cair Paravel was an amazing event for our students. They represented CSW and their families through drama, art, music, poetry recitation, storytelling, and several other categories. The students gave it their all, and it was a joy to watch.  I know that our students will only continue to improve in their rhetorical skills as they progress through the stages of the trivium, practicing and polishing the tools of education and communication.

We had the opportunity to host local pastors from within our association and share what CSW is doing to partner with families in order to strengthen the Church and help develop young men and women who can contribute to the Kingdom as they grow and seek to find where God would have them serve. It is so easy, at times, for me to explain what goes on at CSW; all I have to do is provide a venue to showcase your children and the work they are doing in their classrooms.

Liberal Arts Night saw the Heartland Community Church sanctuary filled to capacity with parents, siblings, and grandparents.  It is always refreshing to see the students demonstrating their mastery of subject matter and sharing it with their families and friends.  I enjoy watching the other students and their reactions to the classes performing.  The success they experience is a testimony to their hard work and application throughout the first part of the semester.

Today’s Pep Assembly and Student vs. Faculty Basketball game was a great success in my opinion. The Cheer Squad sharing their verse and energy for the players was exceptional. I had no idea that our amazing teaching staff had dance moves to match.  The players, of course, are to be commended for their efforts and it was unfortunate it ended in a tie, perhaps the Student vs. Faculty Volleyball game can help us determine the better athletes.

As I mentioned at Liberal Arts Night, it is a joy to be a part of CSW. The faculty and families are, without doubt, the best part of Wichita.  It is hard, at times, to be a humble Head of School when you are surrounded by the staff and students of CSW.  I pray the break provides your families with rest and relaxing time with family and friends.


M. Wade Ortego