Upper School House System

We are excited to announce the implementation of a House System at CSW this year. All the Upper Schoolers have been assigned to a house, to which they will belong for the remainder of the year (and ideally the remainder of their time at CSW). The idea behind the house system is to build community across the age-levels, encouraging service and honor.

Throughout the year they will meet with their houses to plan events and service opportunities. They will accumulate points for their house by serving the school, serving the community, attending sporting events, maintaining good conduct, etc.  During spirit week (Sept. 21-25) the students will have a special opportunity to earn points by participating in the thematic days, being “best dressed”, winning the competitions, etc. At the end of the year, all the points will be counted and the team with the most points will win the “House Cup” accompanied by a fun treat for their team!

The houses have already started meeting and planning. The students are excited and engaged. The four house names (Pythagoras House, Thales House, Euclid House, and Archimedes House) were chosen to represent the four components of the Quadrivium (Music, Astronomy, Geometry, and Arithmetic), which combine with the Trivium to comprise a Liberal Arts education.

We hope that this is an exciting and positive way to encourage our students to engage with the culture that we are seeking to cultivate at CSW!

Remember to ask your Upper School student which House they belong to!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Josh Dyson
Director of Operations