Welcome Back To School!

It was great to see all of the students back in the classrooms and all of the families back in the hallways this week. CSW has an exciting new year ahead of us and it has been a joy to watch God orchestrate the details of our continued growth and development.

To those students and parents who are new to CSW, I wish to extend a warm welcome and best wishes for an exciting and productive year at your new school. I hope you will quickly find CSW a place for you to grow in wisdom, stature, and fear of the Lord.

As we reaffirm Classical School of Wichita’s commitment to our Savior and students this year, we are dedicated to a school that seeks to provide an educational environment that places Christ at its foundation
and exalts Him as the only source of “all wisdom and knowledge” (Col.2:3).

CSW seeks to develop students holistically: mind, body and spirit. By partnering with families committed to providing their children with a classical Christian education, we hope to prepare our students for a future of leadership through service. We desire to see our students challenged and prepared to address an ever-changing world with answers based on the unwavering truth of Jesus Christ.

Please join the CSW faculty, staff and administration in praying for our students as we begin this new school year. We are trusting God will lead and develop them this school year and I am excited to see it unfold before us. As always, if I can be of assistance throughout the year please do not hesitate to ask.

~ M. Wade Ortego