Drop-off and Pick-up Rules

For student safety and to expedite the drop-off and pick-up process, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Morning drop-off  (7:40-8 a.m.)

> Please use Lynwood Blvd. to enter the neighborhood; do not approach CSW on Willowbrook, Peachtree or Morningside during drop-off hours.

> All students must use the south entrance of the school.

> Enter the parking lot using the Windsor St. entrance and pull to the farthest cone available in front of the school.

> All students must exit vehicles passenger side.

> Exit the lot using the Willowbrook St. exit; traffic may exit the parking lot right or left.

> No parking is allowed in the student drop-off lane.

Half-Day kindergarten: parents should enter the building via the south entrance and wait in the lobby.

After-school pick-up: Grammar School (K-6) 3 p.m.

> Enter the CSW parking lot using the Windsor entrance and pull to the farthest cone in front of the school.

> Please display your name card on your front dash or hang it from your rear-view mirror; a pick-up attendant will notify your student and they will come outside to meet you at your designated cone.

> Parents are to remain in their vehicles.

After-school pick-up: Upper School (7-12) 3:15 p.m.

> Parents should park in the south parking lot and wait for their student(s).

> Grammar school siblings or students who carpool with older students will be taken to the library; parents or an upper school student must pick them up from the library no later than 3:25 p.m.

After-school late pick-up fee

> Families will be charged a $10 fee through FACTS if a student is picked up after 3:25 p.m. unless the student is involved in a sport or has been pre-approved to be in the building.