Mr. Grant Bickell

Mr. Grant Bickell teaches Upper School Bible, Math and Weight Lifting. Prior to joining the CSW family, he served as the Director of Family Ministry at Journey The Way in Wichita.

Mr. Bickell earned his Bachelor of Arts in Educational Foundations from Iowa Wesleyan College in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. He has worked in various Children’s and Family Ministry roles since 2010.

Mr. Bickell enjoys coaching T-ball, football officiating, geocaching and hanging out with his family. He and his wife, Joy, have been married for six years. The couple has three children — Graeme, Amelia and Corinne.

Mr. Bickell has a deep passion for working with students and helping them discover their potential.

“I believe that a parent is the primary influencer in a child’s life but is not the only influence that child needs. I want to be one of the other influences for students,” he said. “God has gifted and called me to love the students he puts in my care. God has set aside this task for me and I pray that I would faithfully minister to students and families as I teach.”