Mrs. Lisa Glosson

Mrs. Lisa Glosson is a Second Grade teacher at CSW. Prior to joining the CSW staff Mrs. Glosson spent a combination of 24 years in the real estate and banking business, and has a total of 18 years in elementary education.

Mrs. Glosson received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from St. John’s College in 1983. She has completed several post-graduate courses toward her Master of Science in Elementary Education at Wichita State University, Concordia College and Regent University. In 2011, she became a licensed educational therapist, specializing in identifying and addressing the needs of students with learning difficulties in reading and math.

Mrs. Glosson and her husband, Walt, married in 1994. Their children, Sarah and Wyatt, both graduated from CSW.

In her spare time, Mrs. Glosson enjoys cooking and volunteering in her church’s toddler nursery. As a family, the Glossons enjoy hiking and rafting in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the canyons of southeast Utah.

As a Grammar School teacher, Mrs. Glosson is passionate about the classical model because it lays a foundation of memory, recall and comprehension in the Grammar stage. She is especially passionate about helping to lay the foundation for literacy in young students, and helping struggling learners. Mrs. Glosson is grateful to be able to unlock a student’s ability to read and write, and she is excited when the “light bulb” comes on for young students, as they are able to understand and apply the written word, especially the Word of God.

She also enjoys using Socratic dialogue with students, and she has learned that greater long-term learning takes place when a child is able to explain what he or she is thinking.