Mr. Isaac Montgomery

Mr. Isaac Montgomery teaches upper school Omnibus, Bible and Logic at CSW. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English and Bachelor of Arts in History from Kansas State University.

In his spare time, Mr. Montgomery enjoys riding his bike, hammocking under shady trees and building with LEGOs. He also has a passion for photography.

A life-long member of Eastminster Presbyterian Church, Mr. Montgomery says he is inspired by God and his creation. “In moments of silence, I am inspired by the peace God can bring. I am inspired by the roar and power in a thunderstorm, and by the joy I find in knowing God is bigger. When I look up to the sky, I am inspired by God’s creativity in making sunsets, and the desire he has for us to discover him when I look at the stars. In the mountains, I am reminded of his presence, and in the seas I am inspired by the depth of his mercy. I am inspired by the people God has placed in my life, and the love that God has shown me through them,” he says.

Mr. Montgomery says he is excited by classical education because it provides an absolute standard of truth, beauty, and goodness and teaches students to be lifelong learners as they learn how to seek the answers to their questions. This appreciation translates to his work with students in the classroom.

“I love sharing my love of history and stories with students, and I love seeing the spark catch behind their eyes when something in history resonates, or when a truth found in a story becomes evident,” he says.