Mr. Kevin Thames

Mr. Kevin Thames teaches 6th Grade science and 9th grade biology. He also serves as CSW’s testing coordinator. Prior to joining the CSW staff, he worked as an administrator of a classical school in the Houston, Texas area.

Mr. Thames received his Bachelor of Science from The Moody Bible Institute and earned his Master of Science in Educational Administration from Pensacola Christian College.

Mr. Thames and his wife, Susan, have three children at CSW — Cameron, Carissa and Chloe.

When he is not in the classroom, Mr. Thames entertains his passions by participating in geocaching, mountain biking and playing the bagpipes. When asked to describe himself in a “tweet” (140 characters or fewer), Mr. Thames said this: “A fun-loving, compassionate, tinkerer that passionately teaches the students he loves with real life application.” So much of what drives Mr. Thames is based in his interactions with his students. “God has given me a distinct passion for this,” he says. “I go home with energy from the kids every day and look forward to the next.”