Mr. Quinn Cravens

Mr. Quinn Cravens serves as a part-time P.E. teacher and on-staff substitute at CSW. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Kansas State University.

He and his wife, Mariah, have two children — Kaiah, who attends CSW, and Malakai.

An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Cravens enjoys gardening, hunting and fishing.

In his roles at CSW, he says he enjoys being able to see students in all different stages, from kindergarten to senior, along with how CSW teachers educate and equip students at different levels.

“I am fortunate to view things as a teacher and also as a parent — I feel blessed to be a part of the CSW community,” he says, adding, “I love that the children here get a great foundation in learning about Jesus Christ and immersing themselves in the scriptures. Then to be able to articulate things well and play an important role in kingdom building in the community after their schooling.”