Mrs. Denna Lanterman

Mrs. Denna Lanterman teaches Fourth Grade. She holds a Masters in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership from Friends University.

She and her husband, Tanner, have two Golden Retrievers, Clementine and Kiwi. The Lantermans attend River Community Church.

Mrs. Lanterman loves running and is a self-proclaimed “book worm.” She spends her spare time cooking, baking, and playing with her dogs. She also has recently started to garden.

With an insatiable desire for knowledge, Mrs. Lanterman is constantly reading and seeking out the perspectives of others. She says she appreciates that classical education inspires a love of learning in students — a love she is excited to share.

“What I love about classical education is that we are training students to be critical thinkers, not passive absorbers of wisdom,” she says. “What I love about teaching at CSW is seeing student’s “ah ha” moments. When a topic finally clicks in their minds, their eyes light up, and it is a beautiful moment to witness.”