Mrs. Susan Allee

Mrs. Susan Allee teaches 7th and 8th grade Latin and  6th grade composition at CSW. She has a Master of Arts in Worldview Studies/Philosophy from Clarks Summit University and a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education from Tabor College.

She and her husband, Jacob, are both delighted to be teaching at CSW as they share a passion for classical education and the study of the classical world, its languages, and literature. They have four kids – Titus, Zoe, Callen, and Gwendolen.

Some of the things Mrs. Allee enjoys doing in her free time include running, creative writing, buying books (many of them in or about Latin), reading books, buying more books, and reading more books. She also enjoys spending time with her family (often at bookstores).

Mrs. Allee loves great fiction and finds inspiration and encouragement from examples of strong, self-sacrificing characters in fiction. Characters such as Aragorn from “The Lord of the Rings,” Rupert from “The Ashtown Burials,” and Mr. Knightley from “Emma” serve as good examples of strong men who are not self-seeking, who lead others well, and do what is right even if it is personally detrimental.

What Mrs. Allee loves most about working at CSW is the commitment the school has to the classical pedagogy of the trivium and classical languages and also to reading the Western canon of Great books. She is very excited to be sharing her love of reading and language study with the students and families of CSW.