Mrs. Tricia Buckingham

Mrs. Tricia Buckingham is the Athletics Assistant at CSW. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Literature from Ozark Christian College.

She and her husband, Mark, have three sons, Cole (Annalise), Luke and Brett. Cole and Luke both graduated from CSW and Brett is a senior. The Buckinghams attend Central Christian Church.

Having three boys, Mrs. Buckingham is not a stranger to the sports courts and fields around Wichita. Not only is she a fan, she also is indispensable to CSW’s athletic department and helping our athletic events run smoothly!

In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening, and, of course, watching her boys play sports.

“I love my role at CSW because it allows me to come alongside like-minded people who are passionate about truth, beauty, and goodness in all areas of life,” she says. “Being able to support and encourage those who strive toward these things is worth investing my time and energy toward.”