Part-Time Home School Students

Classical School of Wichita offers a wonderful variety of part-time classes for home school students in grades 7-12. Our upper school faculty love the Lord, their subjects and especially their students. Part-time students are invited to participate in all student life activities. Students who take at least five classes* are eligible to participate in  the sports offered at CSW; they also may participate in other KSHSAA activities and competitions.

Call today to schedule a shadow day or tour of our campus, classes and state-of-the-art science lab. We’d love to discuss how your home school student could excel as a part-time student at CSW!

*In addition to courses offered at CSW, some courses at approved post-secondary institutions may apply toward KSHSAA participation requirements. To discuss eligibility, please contact our office at 316-773-9279.

5-Day/Week Core Classes ($1,250/year)
Rhetoric/Composition (10th-12th grade)
Bible (9th-12th grade)

2- or 3-Day/Week Core Classes ($800/year)
Bible (7th-8th grade)
Grammar/Composition (7th-9th grade)

Electives (Cost is per semester)
Apologetics (9th-12th) 3-days/week; $300.
Art (7th-8th) 5-days/week one semester only; $500.
Art (9th) 3-days/week; $300.
Art (10th-12th) 5-days/week; $500.
Choir (7th-12th) 2 days/week; $275.
Creative Writing (9th-12th); $300.
Drama (7th-8th) 4- or 5-days/week one semester only; $500.
Drama (9th-12th) 3 days/week; $300.
Engineering (9th-12th); $300. 3 days/week.
Physical Education; $300. 3 days/week.