Resolve to Read

At Classical School of Wichita, we have an ambitious curriculum that emphasizes reading and assessing the great books that have shaped Western Civilization and thought.

From kindergarten on, our students are encouraged to read—and read a lot. From “Blueberries for Sal” all the way to the works of Socrates and Plato—we believe there is merit to the discipline, knowledge and joy gained from spending real time with books. Unfortunately, in a culture focused on sound bites and what’s next, reading is fast becoming a lost art.

In an opinion piece by Philip Yancey, published by The Washington Post this past summer, Yancey bemoaned his own struggle against the tide of social media and instant, shallow news designed to attract our fleeting attention. It’s a worthy read and stark reminder to us to continue to challenge ourselves and equip our students to break the surface and dig deeper.

Our desire is to create a love for reading, learning and growing in our students with a rigorous, interesting curriculum that connects the dots between subjects in a meaningful way. As a result, CSW students are engaged and thoughtful. If only we all could respond to books—and reading—in kind!

As you reflect on the last year and make your resolutions for 2018, maybe this is the year to consider adding another book (or two or three) to your list!