Mrs. Kena Alderson


Mrs. Kena Alderson has been part of the faculty since the school was founded in 2006. Currently, she teaches upper school Omnibus, Bible and Logic, along with 6th grade Latin. Prior to moving into the upper school, she was a beloved fourth grade teacher. Before being called into teaching, Mrs. Alderson served as a methods engineer at Learjet and a chemical engineer at Dow Chemical in Freeport, Texas.

Mrs. Alderson earned her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 1992. She heartily supports her alma mater, where she still enjoys seeing football games and the Gutenberg Bible.

Mrs. Alderson and her husband, Harley, have two adult children, Abbey and Kirk. The family also loves and claims a cat named Winnie.

Her commitment to Christ shows in the high caliber of her work, her energized love for her students and her collegial relationships with parents, fellow teachers and administration. She says she relies on scripture to guide her life and shape her faith.

“The scriptures are absolutely true and inspired by the Holy Spirit. They are the primary means by which God communicates with mankind and with me. They define God’s law, show our need for a Savior, and describe God’s redemptive plan,” she says.