Mrs. Ann Farrell

Mrs. Ann Farrell is an administrative assistant at CSW. She has been a member of the CSW family since 2011, and has served in various capacities as an administrative assistant, librarian and athletic director. Prior to joining the CSW family, Mrs. Farrell and her family lived in New Jersey where they served in different ministry capacities.

Mrs. Farrell earned her Bachelor of Science in Leisure Studies with an emphasis in Outdoor Recreation Planning and Management from the University of Illinois. After graduation, she worked for a whitewater rafting company in North Carolina, before relocating to New Jersey to run a municipal recreation department.

From there, Mrs. Farrell’s work experience is vast and varied. She has worked for a company that offered adventure learning, rope course construction and adventure-based corporate training; worked as a bookkeeper and operations director of that same company; and worked for a company in Illinois that did contract training and facilitation.

Mrs. Farrell and her husband, Patrick, have been married 17 years. The couple has one daughter, Michaela, who is a freshman at CSW. The Farrells have been involved in full-time ministry since the early 2000s. Mrs. Farrell relied on many of the skills she acquired throughout her career in her ministry. In 2010, the family moved to Wichita where Patrick is Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Church. Mrs. Farrell splits her time serving with her husband in the church and serving in the CSW office.

Mrs. Farrell is inspired by witnessing people of all ages desiring to grow in relationship with Christ and leaning on Him through life.

“I just enjoy seeing students grow in their love of the Lord and ability to share their faith with others,” she said.