Mrs. Dana Klaassen

Mrs. Dana Klaassen is in her second year as a sixth grade teacher at CSW. Prior to joining the CSW family, she was the administrator of a large classical homeschool group in Wichita, where she developed a deep appreciation for the classical method.

Mrs. Klaassen earned her Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications from Wichita State University. Since graduating, she has utilized her marketing and communication skills in various capacities. Mrs. Klaassen has worked for organizations such as Wichita Children’s Home and Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas, developing, as well as owned and operated her own contractual event services company, where she worked with Barry Sanders in coordinating his charity golf tournament and other clients in the non-profit arena, and medical and dental industries.

Mrs. Klaassen and her husband, Brent, married in 1998. The couple has three children — Connor, 15; Keaton, 12; and Mason, 4. Connor and Keaton both attend CSW. The Klaasen family also includes two furry children — Daisy, a 12-year-old Bichon Frise, and Marley, a 4-month-old English Mastiff. With a house this full, Mrs. Klaassen is currently a self-described “kid-chaser,” but she says “if time were to permit, I might enjoy gardening, vacationing, pretend farming, exercising and playing with technology.”

Mrs. Klaassen is inspired by the beauty, purpose and perfection of God’s creation. She finds her work in the classroom “unimaginably rewarding” as she gets to “see students become inspired and joyous about learning, to encourage towards identifying and celebrating the gifts God has created in them and in their peers, and to marvel at how God reveals Himself to them as they assemble pieces of the learning puzzle related to His creation, for His glory and our enjoyment.”