Mr. Zach Bowman

Mr. Zach Bowman is a fifth grade teacher at CSW. He also serves as an assistant coach for CSW boys’ soccer and head coach for CSW girls’ soccer. Prior to joining the CSW staff, Mr. Bowman taught at Central Christian in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Mr. Bowman received his Associates of Arts from Hutchinson Community College in 2010. He then transferred to Barclay College where he completed his Bachelor of Science in Christian School Elementary Education, with a Minor in Bible.

In his tenure at Central Christian, Mr. Bowman taught second grade for half a year, and worked as a para and taught Kindergarten enrichment during the second half of the year. Additionally, Mr. Bowman works as a Front-End Supervisor at the 21st and Maize Dillons during summers and weekends; he has been with the company since 2006.

Mr. Bowman and his wife married in 2014 and moved from Hutchinson to Wichita. The couple attends Believers Tabernacle where Mr. Bowman serves in the sound booth on Sundays and in the youth group on Wednesdays. The two have one four-legged, furry daughter named Rae.

Growing up, Mr. Bowman’s mother ran a home daycare and the family was deeply involved in their church. Through both of these experiences, Mr. Bowman developed an appreciation for the joy children find in the little things of life and the confidence they have in themselves when the world is still their playground. “If I can have a part in adding to their lives, helping them overcome obstacles that once seemed impossible, and then getting the privilege to point all the credit back to God, there really isn’t anything else I could imagine doing with my life,” he said.

Mr. Bowman is inspired by the disbelief or doubt of others, daring to tackle the seemingly impossible. Furthermore, he strives to bring a smile and a laugh to those around him. With that said, here are a few of Mr. Bowman’s quirks: He survived a car crash followed by a coma in 2005 — an event he affectionately dubbed his “17 day nap” — only to become the self-proclaimed world’s largest consumer of Dr. Pepper. He once drank 4,000 cans in three years, and his personal record is 27 cans of Dr. Pepper in one day. He is also passionate about soccer, movies and sock monkeys. As an “expert” FIFA player, he anxiously awaits new challengers.