Mrs. Callie Dolloff

Mrs. Callie Dolloff serves as the Director of Community and College Advising at CSW. In her position, she oversees family outreach and community activities, and provides college advising to CSW students.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Allied Health from Oklahoma State University.

She and her husband, Joel, have four children who attend CSW — Mack, Dru, Jed and Tatum.

“Classical education really grabbed our attention. In grammar school, I love that my children are gaining the academic and spiritual stepping stones to develop their Christian worldview from a young age,” she says. “I also love the partnership between parents and faculty. I very much feel like I get to take part in my children’s education.”

Mrs. Dolloff enjoys spending time with family and friends and exercising when it fits into her family’s busy schedule. The Dolloff family attends City Life Church.