Mrs. Krista Kidwell

Mrs. Krista Kidwell is CSW’s logic and rhetoric school choir teacher. Mrs. Kidwell, who holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Wichita State University, shares her gifts with CSW and First Presbyterian Church in Derby, Kan., singing with the worship band.

In addition to her love of the arts – musicals, opera and dance – Mrs. Kidwell is an avid Wichita State basketball fan. She also enjoys doing crafts, swimming and reading good books.

She and her husband, Kristopher, have been married 11 years. They have three children – Katy Rose (6), Jonathan (4) and Jackson (2).

Mrs. Kidwell says her family has inspired her to use her God-given talents to minister to others. “They have motivated me and encouraged me every step of the way,” she said. “God has guided my path and I am so thankful for the people He has put in my life.”

Mrs. Kidwell values the classical approach to education and appreciates that CSW students are taught to think for themselves, using their breadth of knowledge and the Word of God.

“I love being able to teach so many different grade levels in choir and see the students grow over the years,” she said. “The students are all unique and each one has something special about them. They are so much fun to work with! It feels like a big family at CSW!”