Mrs. Lacey Stevenson

Mrs. Lacey Stevenson teaches upper school humanities and rhetoric at CSW, including 8th grade Bible, 10th and 11th grade Rhetoric, and 9-12th grade Apologetics. She holds a Master in Theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary and Bachelor of Science degrees in Exercise and Sports Science, and Management and Information Systems from the University of Tulsa.

Mrs. Stevenson and her husband, Tanner, attend Journey the Way Church.

When she’s not at school, she enjoys reading the Bible, other good books, and the Sunday paper, writing articles and handwritten notes, and running outside. She also admits to be  being “far too passionate” about college football and the PGA leaderboard.

Mrs. Stevenson has a love for well-told stories and is inspired by the redemptive hope offered through the gospels.

She says she was drawn to classical education by its intentional method and Bible-saturated mission.

“(It) compels me to help raise up clear thinkers of the gospel as influential ambassadors for the kingdom,” she says, adding, “Teaching gives me great joy in equipping others with Biblical truth for greater understanding, clearer communication, and faithful application. I am excited and grateful to begin serving the upper school students of CSW.”