Mrs. Melissa McConeghey

Mrs. Melissa McConeghey teaches grammar school Latin at CSW. She has her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, with an emphasis in French, from Kansas State University.

Mrs. McConeghey and her husband, John, have four children at CSW — Isaac, Ailee, James and Levi — and two at home —  Josiah and Cora. The McConegheys attend Heartland Community Church.

Mrs. McConeghey enjoys singing and playing the piano and violin when she has free time. She also is an avid reader. Ever curious, Mrs. McConeghey’s pursuits are a reflection of her love of learning.

“Whether it’s a math concept, a musical instrument, a foreign language or a new crochet stitch, I delight in learning about the world and how it works,” she says, adding that she hopes to pass this joy to students.

“My favorite aspect of classical education is that it trains the mind how to learn and what to love,” she says.