Mr. Dan Snyder

Mr. Dan Snyder teaches upper school Omnibus and Rhetoric at CSW. The epitome of a “lifelong learner,” Mr. Snyder recently completed a degree in Liberal Arts and a certificate in screen writing, the culmination of a 20-year educational process beginning at Bryan College, passing through George Mason University with studies in philosophy, Mannes Conservatory in musical training and The New School in Manhattan where he has been working on post graduate studies in Liberal Arts.

In addition, Mr. Snyder served in the military for many years, stationed  in various areas around the east coast, first in the US Marines as an air traffic controller and computer specialist, and finally in the US Army Band in Washington, DC. Mr. Snyder also worked in the video game and simulation industry as a programmer/designer and project manager, where he encountered and applied training theories and modern narrative forms.

Furthermore, Mr. Snyder has an extensive background in music having sung first around the country as a boy with his father and mother in their ‘Message in Music’ ministry, then in the Army Chorus in Washington, DC, followed by a career as a classical and operatic singer around the world.

Mr. Snyder and his wife, Tracee, have two sons, Everett and Ian, and a grandson. Ian teaches upper school art at CSW.

Mr. Snyder says he enjoys teaching at CSW because the classical model taught at CSW “offers the student preparation to enter into the ‘liberal’ and true freedom of Christ, an introduction to the tools and wisdom acquired by others in the past through their great rigor, and with their talent, by the gift of God.”

Beyond his students at CSW, the Mr. Snyder said the coolest person he ever met was a Marine survivor of the Baatan Death March.