Grammar Stage (Grades K-6)


Classical School of Wichita (CSW) employs the Trivium as the method of education for all of our students. The Trivium is composed of three stages of learning and development: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. It is through the Trivium, in light of the Gospels, that students are encouraged to seek and grasp the educational tools that allow them to be life-long learners and “thinking, reasoning” Christians, prepared to serve their peers and the world wherever Christ calls them.

The Grammar stage incorporates the elementary years of development and focuses on acquisition of facts and information. Students in this stage are adept at memorization and ordering of details and items. All of these skills are leveraged to help students acquire other necessary tools for learning. Students are incorporated into CSW’s K -12 educational community and studies focus attention on memorization skills, phonics, penmanship, mathematical facts, reading, fine arts, biblical and world history, and Latin. Students begin to learn the basic tools of academic discovery of subjects, also called the grammar of subjects. CSW utilizes this stage of a student’s development to usher them into the wonder of God’s creation and the joy of learning for Christ’s glory.

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