Logic Stage (Grades 7-8)

Classical School of Wichita (CSW) employs the Trivium as the method of education for all of our students. The Trivium is composed of three stages of learning and development: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. It is through the Trivium, in light of the Gospels, that students are encouraged to seek and grasp the educational tools that allow them to be life-long learners and “thinking, reasoning” Christians, prepared to serve their peers and the world wherever Christ calls them.

The Logic stage, often referred to as the Dialectic stage, incorporates the middle years of development and focuses on further developing the necessary tools for self-education and academic engagement. As its name implies, the Logic stage helps students to make sense of their world. Students begin formal instruction in reason and argumentation. They are encouraged to ask questions and dissect the world around them. Students are equipped to seek and wrestle with knowledge. They study great works and debate great authors. Students continue their studies in Latin translations, science, mathematics, fine arts, and composition. The “Great Conversation” is presented through the Omnibus curriculum (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern History and Literature) and their journey through the Scriptures launches in earnest.

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